Retrospect: Techtextil 2022, Frankfurt

Under the motto „Quality is the best way to the top” we presented a small choice of our wide-ranging program of innovative braiding and winding machinery.

Welcome on board!

Passing on responsibility! Our Managing Director, Dr. Janpeter Horn, has passed on the responsibility for the operational business to Dennis Behnken as of July 1st, 2021. We welcome Dennis as new member of the executive management.

Braiding is an affair of the heart to us.

Stents, braided with Nitinol (Nitinol = nickel-titanium alloy) or stainless steel, 
can give a firm hold to human blood vessels. Braids can consist of 16 up to 288 wires and any thing in between.

We proudly present:
our new logo


Successful brands need innovation.

Times are changing – and at the same time demands, trends and attitudes towards
life change too. Obviously changes don’t stop at brand images. We have refined our logo.
The result is a fresh and modern logo, which keeps on representing our company philosophy.


Herzog Braiding Machines - Logo


  • The name HERZOG is a well established brand and speaks for itself
  • “Since 1861” – a family company for more than 150 years and 
    a guarantee for tradition and reliability.
  • The symbol of the horngear stands for technology and is at the same
    time a crucial component of every braiding machine
  • ® Registered trademark – for decades

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26127 Oldenburg

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